The 2023 Swell

The 2023 Swell

The Swell surfboard designed by team rider Stacia Bank is a high-performance slayshing machine! For those who like a bit of bite in their board, the Swell has a lean outline with a tapered nose and a more poppy tail for 2023. Not only does the tail have more surface area for added pop, it also gives you a more stable foundation when you’re spinning 360’s on the water. The parallel rails of the board allow for increased speed down the line while the pulled in nose lets you attack the lip with as much speed and power that you can muster without worrying about the nose catching the wave. 

Stacia is a full on surf style rider and worked with our design team to create the Swell. New for 2023, the Swell received less volume in the center of the board for even better control and handling. To keep the board extra light and exceptionally maneuverable, we glassed over the Swell with our new Flightlite V2 Pro select layup and gave it a quad FCS Fusion fin set up so you can dial in your perfect fin set up. We sat down with Stacia to chat a bit about the 2023 Swell and see why she’s so stoked on 2023! Check it out below as well as the 2023 Swell right here! 

PHASE 5: What are some of the improvements of the 2023 Swell over the 2022 design?

Stacia: The Swell design is tried and true but this year we added a recessed deck to the board and you’re going to love it. Having your feet closer to the water line gives you added stability and more control.

PHASE 5: What are your favorite features of the 2023 Swell?

Stacia: The Swell really has my favorite outline that is tapered enough to be agile with parallel rails down the middle for speed and a wide tail for super poppy airs. The tapered nose allows you to drive down the wave and it has the perfect amount of volume to ride regular or revert. I am loving the new recessed deck. And with the Swell, you can ride it as a twin or quad fin set up which is always fun to switch up.

PHASE 5: Is it safe to say that the Swell is your favorite board in the Phase 5 line?

Stacia: Absolutely! I don’t go on the boat without it.

PHASE 5: Would you say the Swell is pretty beginner friendly? What type of rider would you put on this board?

Stacia: One of the best things about the Swell is that you can put a rider of any ability on it. If you’re just starting out, you’ll appreciate the stability and speed because that helps you stay in the wave. But as you progress, the Swell will be ready for you! Agile for carves, lots of pop for airs, and revert friendly. And the Flextech V2 glass wrap makes this a durable board you can keep for a long time.

PHASE 5: What are some of your favorite moves to do on the Swell? 

Stacia: A big air is always my favorite. It’s just fun! I’ve been having a lot of fun riding the Swell switch backside and trying to lock down all my regular tricks in that stance.

PHASE 5: What helps set the Swell apart from the rest of the boards in the surf line?

Stacia: The outline of the Swell makes it really agile and one of the most rider friendly shapes for riders of all levels, truly beginner to pro. And the new recessed deck will definitely be a favorite!

One last thing that I’d like to add would be that there is a misconception that you need a skimboard to do a 360. I’ve been coaching for years and found that stopping a 360 on a skim can be difficult for people. The shape of the Swell and fin placement makes it easy to spin, and then the fins help you stop the spin. Just another reason to love it!

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